• Here at Numb Thumbs Gaming we have a VTC called Spatium Trucking. This VTC runs in the Simulator games American Truck Simulator and ETS! Spatium was founded by Alabamaoldman and after the owners of Numb Thumbs Gaming saw potential in his VTC they made the move to bring Spatium Trucking into their community. Spatium Trucking is still a young VTC but usually in the top 15 in the world in Trucksbook in miles. Alabamaoldman, Geno and Snowman prides themselves on keeping them wheels turning and keeping the VTC towards the top on the leaderboards. So if you’re looking for that VTC that has that family atmosphere and love driving them big rigs down the road well Spatium Trucking is the home for you. Not only you get to drive with one of the best VTC’s out there but you get to be apart of the NTG family, that gives you the freedom of playing other games with the guys you love driving them highways with. So what are you waiting on join NTG and start having the best gaming experience with NTG. Still not sure, Still on the fence well maybe this helps!! Are you tired of being in VTC’s that surrounds itself with drama, VTC’s that doesn’t reward you for your hard work and efforts, VTC’s that never is active or just want to drive casually? Well guess what NTG has a very strict rule NO DRAMA. The slightest sense of drama the owners take care of it ASAP. NTG is always having giveaways and drivers with the most miles is one of the many competitions we hold. NTG holds drawings and other events as well. NTG and Spatium Trucking cares for the people in their community and knows the success of both Spatium Trucking and NTG lies on the happiness of the members. Also Spatium will never make you drive a single mile our only concern is you as a gamer and a person, so come on join the fun here at Spatium Trucking/NTG!!! Looking forward to seeing you.


  • About Spatium Trucking
  • – We are looking to build something¬†GREAT!
    – We are a real miles company!
    – We do not require monthly miles!
    – Weekly convoys!
    – Ranking within the company for milestone goals!
  • – Must own an official version of ATS or ETS2
    – 16+
    – More than 24 hours in either ATS or ETS2
  • – Proud members of Numb Thumbs Gaming Community !
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