About Us

Numb Thumbs Gaming was established on June 10th 2021 by 2 guys Derek Welch and Douglas Stuckey. When NTG discord was first made NTG had a baseball league and a Heat 5 league. So these 2 leagues was advertised very hard on social media’s and it grew very fast. Before long the community became close to 500 members and over 600 members over 2 discord servers and still growing. Numb Thumbs today has 4 Heat 5 Leagues, 3 Wreckfest Leagues, 5 iRacing Leagues and a lot more!! NTG is always thriving to keep things new and fresh. So if you’re looking for a gaming family please give NTG a try and I promise you, you will not be disappointed.



Contact Info:

E-Mail- numbthumbsgamingcommunity@gmail.com

Facebook- Numb Thumbs Gaming Community | Facebook

Twitter- @NumbThumbsGames