NTR NASCAR Heat 5 Xfinity Series

The Numb Thumbs Xfinity Series is for our Intermediate Drivers that are on their way to prove themselves they are ready for the best of the best here at NTG! The multi League system was created by DWToyota4x4 for drivers to prove themselves worthy of driving with the best drivers! This system eliminated races ending up being ran 90 percent under cautions and it also gave the guys much need training before entering into the Cup League! This is the 2nd year NTG has had this system and it has made the League even more popular!! The Xfinity Series here at NTG has over 40 drivers and growing everyday!!! If you want to join and race with the best of the best in Heat 5 and a huge gaming family then what are you waiting for come join the NTG Discord Today!!

Basic Rules

League Rules