Numb Thumbs Racing

Here at NTG we have a Extensive racing League And we calls it NTR (Numb Thumbs Racing) and huge part of our NTR we have our multiple series NASCAR Heat 5 League and our iRacing leagues! Just a brief history of our Nascar League it was started in another Community by DWToyota4x4 and was brought here to NTG to be a huge platform on what this community was built on! It started with one series and just a bunch of friends racing together!

There was problems with wrecks and the races being basically just cation laps. So DWtoyota4x4 expanded the league into three series on a prove yourself to move up system! This made the league more competitive and gave serious NASCAR Heat 5 drivers to compete while giving the not so skilled drivers somewhere to drive and have fun also! With that being said the League has grew to 50 drivers plus and is one of the biggest league in the NASCAR Community! Our NASCAR drivers is the core of our community and made NTG in what it is today!

We also have our iRacing leagues that are very popular! Currently, we have a 358 Dirt series, an ARCA series and a NASCAR Truck series. The iRacing league started with just the ARCA series and grew due to popularity! Due to this, we now have racing leagues that are more competitive in nature which equals more fun. There is also a NTG iRacing team to compete in to represent this great community

One thing we do not tolerate here at NTG is DRAMA!! So we try to keep name calling and calling out other drivers to non existence! We believe in a family atmosphere and that’s what separates us from other leagues and communities! So guys what you waiting for LETS GO RACING AT NTR!!!!!