NTR NASCAR Heat 5 Slider Series


Our Heat 5 Cup League is the best of the best in the game of Heat 5!! Intense racing every weekend and the best competition you can find in the Heat 5 community! These drivers has worked their way all the way from trucks! Our fields of cars is always full of cars every weekend and will be continuing our Heat 5 Leagues as long as there is interest in the game with in the community! The cup series has been around since the start of NTG and is the foundation NTG was built on! Ever since the second season this cup league is a league you have to earn to be apart of and that has made the racing so intense!! So come see if you have what it takes to be racing with the big boys!

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  1. Discord rules apply. See Discord Rules.
  2. Points will be based on how many drivers are in the race.
  3. Intentional wrecking or retaliation will not be tolerated. If anyone does this will be suspended for the rest of the season.
  4. If you have an issue with someone during a race keep to yourself until after race. Then reach out to that person privately after the race or let Nascar management know. And will try to work out a solution, which could be a penalty if needed. Also, having a video of the incident will help greatly with a situation to the problem. Please refrain from using discord text chat or race chat to blow off steam.
  5. I someone starts calling out names that person will be warned, and if it continues the result will be a penalty or a DQ for that race.
  6. Other members maybe streaming. Try to refrain from using foul language or demeaning comments and I know this is hard but just try.
  7. If you are told that you are lagging, you may be asked to drop to the back of the pack until your connection improves.
  8. If you are unable to hold a steady line you may be asked to drop back until you can.
  9. If you find yourself unable to drive/control the setup you have chosen for the race, and cannot find the right adjustments, be respectful of others and give room.
  10. DRIVER ETIQUETTE is expected in all NTG leagues. So, over aggressive driving, dive bombing and not using your brakes or letting off gas to stay off the other drivers could result in a penalty during the race if seen or for the next race if there is video to justify it. Also, if there doesn’t look like you have room to pass someone inside or out, please don’t force your way in. I’ve seen this a little bit already this season and hasn’t ended well for either driver but mostly ends bad for the driver being passed.
  11. EXCEIVE BLOCKING isn’t allowed, I know there is going to be some blocking in a race but if your chopping a driver’s nose or just won’t let a faster driver by could result in a penalty if proven. Also, if you keep blocking another driver, you may get moved which could cause a bigger wreck. So, please use your head out there. No since to cause a wreck early just because you don’t want to lose your spot to a faster car.
  12. Lap traffic is to give way to the leaders and lead lap Cars. If you’re trying to stay on the lead lap and it’s the last lap, I can understand trying to keep from being pass by the leader and the leader need to understand that as well. But if you are already a lap or laps down give way to the leader and lead lap cars. Now it’s up to the leaders and lead lap car to call out that their coming up on lap traffic.

Race Rules

  1. Manual Cautions
    1. If there is a crash involving 3 or more cars and the game does not generate a caution, management only will call for a manual caution. When this happens, hold your position and safely slow down to 70mph. Stay single file during manual cautions.
    2. While under caution pit road is closed until everyone is caught up and in line. Any car a lap down will get one free wave around per caution. Management will notify you of when pit road is open. If you pit, you will line up in the order you exited pit road.
    3. When everyone is grouped back up, single file, a manager will announce the restart by calling out “Ready. 3.. 2.. 1.. Green”. Restart may occur anywhere on the track, not always at the start/finish line.
  2. No passing until after finish line.
  3. 3 wide racing is allowed but if the person that makes it three wide causes a wreck he or she will be penalize. Penalty will be up to Nascar Managers to decide.
  4. When pitting, announce you are coming to pit road by calling out you name and not your number please, some drivers are using custom paint. Avoid cutting the corner to get to the pits. Enter the pits from the apron or bottom of the track, depending on the track. Pit road entrance is at the exit of turn 4.
  5. While exiting the pits under green, hold your line and rejoin the race when you are clear. Do not re-enter track into a group of cars.
  6. The race will be run in stages to allow for setup changes.
  7. Qualifying will be based on lap time in heat race, prior to main race. Top of Form
  8. All mics will need to be on and not muted during qualifying and race. If you have a lot of noise in the background, you may be asked to use push to talk. We need mics to stay clear so we all can hear someone calling out pitting in or out. Also, we can here if someone needs to let managers know about a problem with a driver or if someone may be lagging or anything like that.


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League Rules